Mission Statement

Kiddie Kottage Childcare

Kiddie Kottage Childcare

Kiddie Kottage Mission Statement

To provide a positive, safe, nurturing, stimulating and family-type environment by: Respecting the dignity of every child, parent, director and associate. Encouraging communication between children, parents and educators. Understanding the challenges of parenting in today’s society and the responsibility we have as caregivers in supporting parental roles. Serving as a resource to our families and the community on issues related to parenting and child development. Providing a developmentally appropriate educational curriculum. Promoting a relaxed, fun atmosphere where children are free to be creative and encouraged to pursue their individual talents.

Infant & Toddler Center

608 W. Rollins Rd.
Preschool Center
620 W. Rollins Rd.
Ingleside, IL 60041

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