Ages: 15 to 24 months
Classroom Ratios: 1:4
Maximum Classroom Size: 8

The toddler classroom

In the toddler room, autonomy is our main goal for development. Autonomy is shown in the ability to gain self control over motor abilities, to make and carry out decisions, to feel able to cope adequately with problems or get the necessary help, to wait with patience, to give generously or to hold on, to distinguish between possessions or whishes of self and others, and to have a feeling of good will and pride. Autonomy is characterized by the often-heard statement, “Me do it.” During this stage we help your toddler learn to master skills for themselves. Not only do they learn to talk and feed themselves, they are learning finer motor development. At Kiddie Kottage Learning Academy, Inc., we strive to build self-esteem and autonomy as toddlers gain more control over their bodies, acquire new skills, and learn right from wrong. We will help teach your toddler independence by cleaning up his/her toys, cleaning up after himself, using his words and many more self – help skills.

Our toddler room is on a semi set schedule which will encourage the toddlers to begin to adapt to a more structured environment, with lots of flexibility! This helps your toddler follow directions with the comfort of knowing what is coming next.

Daily Sheets and Communication

You will receive a toddler Daily Sheet which will communicate all aspects of your toddler’s day, as well as any needs we may have for your child.

Monthly Newsletters

We send home newsletters in the toddler classroom via children’s mailboxes, email and Facebook postings. These newsletters are full of things that will be and have been going on in the toddler room.

Open-Door Policy

We maintain an open-door policy which allows parents the opportunities to stop by the Center at any time to visit with their children.

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