Preschool Program

Ages: 3 1/2 to 5 years
Classroom Ratios: 1:10
Maximum Classroom Size: 36

In the preschool years, initiative is our main goal for development. Initiative is enjoyment of energy displayed in action, assertiveness, learning, increasing dependability, and ability to plan. We encourage a sense of initiative by encouraging the use of imagination, creativity, activity and plans. Preschoolers are encouraged to cooperate and share in the decisions and responsibilities of the classroom. Our teachers recognize the preschoolers for accomplishments and help them learn the feelings: love, dislike, joy and antagonism and how to cope with and express these feelings physically, emotionally and socially. All education happens congruently with continual guidance towards mature behavior. The preschool classroom is a structured classroom!

The ins and outs of the preschool classroom:


Newsletters are sent via children's mailboxes, email and Facebook postings.  These newsletters will be full of things that are and have been going on in the preschool room.  

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