Infant Room

Infant Room

Infant Room

Another View of the Infant Room

Ages: 6 weeks to 12 months
Classroom Ratios: 1:4
Maximum Classroom Size: 12

Program Goals

During infancy (birth to 18months) basic trust is our main goal for development. Basic trust involves confidence, optimism, acceptance of and reliance on self and others, faith that the world can satisfy needs, and a sense of hope or a belief in the attainability of wishes in spite of problems and without overestimation of results. A sense of trust forms the basis for later identity formation, social responsiveness to others, and ability to care about and love others. A sense of trust may be demonstrated by the ease of feeding, the depth of sleep, the relaxation of the bowels, and the overall appearance of contentment.

Achieving Our Program Goals

At Kiddie Kottage Child Care, Inc. our focus is on the caregiver’s positive and loving care for your child, with a big emphasis on visual contact and touch. In our infant room, teacher-child interaction is very important! Our teachers will maintain your infant’s daily schedule and include many opportunities for developing gross and fine motor skills, social and language skills, and engaging in art, science and sensory activities, while building strong bonds with each child. Our infant-focused teachers are trained to enhance the communication process with simple sign language.

Daily Sheets and Communication

You will receive an infant Daily Sheet which will communicate all aspects of your infant’s day, as well as any needs we may have for your child. We ask that parents begin the daily sheet at drop off by telling us what your child did before coming to the Center for the day. Infant Daily Sheets are located inside the classroom.

Weekly Newsletters

We send home newsletters in the Infant Classroom via children’s mailboxes, email, and Facebook postings. These newsletters are full of things that will be and have been going on in the infant room.

Open-Door Policy

We maintain an open-door policy which allows parents the opportunity to stop by the Center at any time to visit with their children.

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