It’s Lunch Time

Quality Catering Lunch Time

It’s lunch time!

Kiddie Kottage provides children with well balanced, nutritious lunch and snacks daily. Children’s nutritional needs must be met for them to maintain high levels of interest and energy throughout the day.  Any meals or snacks provided by Kiddie Kottage will be of the quality and in the quantity necessary to meet the needs of the children.  Menus are prepared and displayed each week so parents know what their children are being served.  We encourage a selection of foods that reflect the cultural and ethnic diversity of the children in our care.  Please indicate any allergies or special dietary restrictions your child may have on the appropriate registration form.  Our staff is available as a resource to you in relation to your child’s nutritional needs and eating patterns. 

Except for special occasions, cupcakes, cake, cookies, candy, etc. should not be sent to school with your child for nutritional reasons and to prevent other children from asking for or expecting to have such foods at school.

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